Addressing Climate Change

It is urgent that we do all that we can to mitigate the effects of climate change and work to lower global warming emissions. There is so much we can do on a state level and do not have to wait for the slow gears of the federal government to act. I plan to continue the work at our state legislature to hold industries accountable for releasing dangerous compounds into our air and water. I will work hard to drive these emissions down until we are no longer part of the problem but instead can be a model for solutions.

Lowering Health Care Costs

As we continue to push for a health care system that covers everyone across our nation in a way that is affordable and sustainable, we here in Colorado can move to make pharmaceutical pricing more fair, to increase transparency in hospital and provider costs, and bring easier access to health care to more Coloradans.


Colorado has one of the top economies in the nation yet our education system still ranks toward the bottom of funding among states. We must keep working on ways to find the funding that is desperately needed for our students, our teachers and our schools. The education of our kids is our greatest investment in the future.

LGBTQ Rights

Human rights apply to all people. As a society we must stay vigilant and push to ensure equal treatment under the law for all citizens. As the mother of a trans child I know firsthand that we are not where we need to be to make sure that all are indeed treated equally.

Reproductive rights

No government should come between a woman and her doctor. Just as no government should come between a man and his doctor. Reproductive health care decisions are personal, private and protected under the law. Our voices need to stay loud and clear on this issue.

Housing for All

Everyone needs and deserves a place to call home. We can work on policies at the state level to increase affordable rental and ownership housing. Decision makers in government must carefully balance the growth in our state and the ability to afford to live where we work.

Public Transportation

In the 21st Century higher priority must be placed on expanding our public transportation options - light rail, bus routes, bike and car sharing. Getting more people to use more fuel efficient forms of travel makes sense for our climate, our infrastructure, our wallets and our quality of life.

Support for Unions

Our labor unions in Colorado need our support. Electrical workers, letter carriers, teachers, pipefitters, service workers, postal workers, construction workers and so many more of our neighbors, depend on their union memberships to ensure that their wages are fair, that their retirement benefits are secure, and that they have health care that they can depend on. Unions are the backbone of the growth of our country and to this day offer people of all ages an excellent opportunity to learn a trade through apprenticeship programs and have a great career earning a secure living. I will make sure union interests are taken into consideration at the state capital.